The DeEsser is a piece of tool to get you r ”s”,”z”,”sh”, sounding more natural. When we are recording in a home studio or an ordinary studio many of us are using big membram microphones also named condensator microphones, or studio microphones, these can when you combine them with compressors, give ”s”,”z”,”sh” sounds so much output, that it will be annoing to listen to.


We have here some frequencies that we will talk about. If you are a male singer, then for most of us we have to get attention at 4000-4500 khz when singing words with ”ess”, but if we are singing ”shh” words it is nearly an octave under, so many times here in our studio if we decided to use a DeEsser because we can’t do it in another way. We often end up with DeEsser frequencies of 3000-4000khz, to try to catch the whole frequencies spectrum.


Now if you have a girl singing in the microphone the ”ess” words will be around 5000khz-8000khz, in the studio we have it sometimes as high as 9000khz, so we often set the frequencies on the DeEsser on 4000-6500khz to cover the frequencies spectrum.


You have to use a lot of time experimenting, how much gain or threshold you will use is depending on the voice you listen to, but remember : always start without any DeEssing, use first a lot of time to get the right microphone, the distance to the microphone and the angle, because the DeEsser will for sure steal some details in you voice. Also pay attentention to the room where you are recording and listening - this is very important, some rooms especially rooms with a lot of glass and naked walls will sound bright, and because the studio mirophones are very sensitive you will get a bright sound with lot of ”s”,”z”,”sh” in your voice sound.


Note : Don’t over use it, if you put to much DeEssing on you voice it will sound as if you have removed two front teeth, and the threshold button is now to low. Many have also made experiments of putting a penil in front of a microphone to split the air, and some have put chewing gum behind the front teeth for damping the air, you can also try this maybe it will work for you.


Have fun - and keep you front teeth in you mouth it will for sure make the best sound :-)))))



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